Aruba and Pensando announce next generation switching architecture

Category-defining Distributed Services Switch delivers 100x the scale, 10x the performance, at one-third the TCO of current solutions.

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Get Software-Defined Services at the Server Edge

Eliminate an assortment of discrete appliances throughout your data center and simplify IT operations.

Discover Distributed Services Card

Pensando Distributed Services Platform in an Aruba Switch

Switching, encryption, DDoS, firewalls, and telemetry in a single switch.

Discover Distributed Services Switch

Exploding Data. Expanding Infrastructure. Enterprise Relief

Massive data volume has pushed the architectural limits of modern IT infrastructure. Scale without sacrificing performance or agility.

Pensando for the Enterprise

Beat Today’s Leading Hyperscale Providers

Deliver scalable, next-gen cloud services with reliability, flexibility, and visibility with of-the-charts performance customers seek.

Pensando for Cloud Service Providers

Highly Scalable, Fault-Tolerant Microservices

Lifecycle management, enterprise-grade security, and unmatched visibility at every level of the software stack.

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Cloud scale

Centrally managed

Always-on telemetry & deep observability

In every server

At every workflow

Today’s Hyperscale is

Tomorrow’s Enterprise

  • Transforms your current infrastructure into a cloud-like environment that seamlessly and securely extends to the public cloud

  • Eliminates multiple classes of siloed appliances

  • Gives you a multi-generational technology lead over Amazon

  • Jointly developed with the world’s largest cloud, enterprise, storage, and telecom companies

  • Shipping today with Tier 1 partner support via a deeply funded execution machine

  • From the #1 innovation team in the world

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Pensando’s revolutionary Distributed Services Platform can transform the way you build your IT infrastructure. If you’d like to know more about Pensando, partner with us, or work with us (yes, we’re hiring), please let us know.