June 28, 2020—

A chat about forwarding

A chat with Mario Baldi about packet forwarding and the techniques and implications of different approaches in the control and data planes.

By: Silvano Gai, Mario Baldi

This Podcast was originally posted on Silvano Gai’s blog here.

Techniques and algorithms to forward packets have been a topic of discussion since the eighties. In this podcast, I chat with Mario Baldi about forwarding. Mario has also his own blog at https://blog.baldi.info/

We informally cover:

  • Layer 2 vs. layer 3 forwarding
  • ACLs processing
  • Binary vs. ternary matches
  • Binary hash table forwarding
  • Ternary LPM (Longest Prefix Match) forwarding
  • Combining forwarding with ACLs
  • Flow cache based forwarding
  • Forwarding in routers and NICs
  • Label-based forwarding
  • Segment routing

My book has a full Chapter on this topics (Chapter 2).

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