October 28, 2020—

NetApp and Pensando Present at Storage Field Day 20

By: Christopher Ratcliffe

Pensando and our partner NetApp recently had the opportunity to talk at Storage Field Day 20.  You can watch a replay of the sessions below:

Pensando Presents at Storage Field Day 20

Francis Matus presented at Storage Field Day 20

This Presentation date is August 5, 2020 at 8:00-10:00.

Presenters: Francis MatusNaresh Patel
Delegate Panel: Becky ElliottDavid ChapaEnrico SignorettiGina RosenthalIan SandersonJason BenedicicMax MortillaroPaul Stringfellow


Scaling NetApp Storage Systems with Pensando Distributed Services Platform

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Naresh Patel, Chief Architect & VP for Platforms and Storage Engineering at NetApp, discusses how the NetApp AFF A400 all-flash array is able to scale using the Pensando Distributed Services Platform. The AFF delivers end-to-end NVMe-based storage for workloads that include artificial intelligence, machine learning, real-time analytics, and MongoDB, as well as business-critical databases. It is the first commercial storage platform to ship with the Pensando Distributed Services Platform which acts as an interconnect and services acceleration engine, delivering up to 50% higher performance than its predecessor. In this session Naresh will provide an overview of the A400 platform in addition to details on how NetApp has leveraged the Pensando platform today as a look into future enhancements.

Personnel: Naresh Patel

Pensando DSC Technical Overview and Direction

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Francis Matus, VP Engineering, Pensando Systems discusses the technologies behind the Distributed Services Platform. The Pensando platform included in the NetApp AFF A400 is built around a custom, programmable P4 processor called Capri. Capri is optimized to execute a software stack delivering cloud, compute, network, storage, and security services at cloud scale with minimal latency, jitter and very low power requirements ([email protected]). This makes it an ideal acceleration engine for a broad range of distributed services and protocols, capable of eliminating an assortment of discrete appliances throughout the data center and simplifying IT operations. In this session Francis will provide an overview of the design principles, capabilities and future direction of the Pensando platform.

Personnel: Francis Matus

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