Live la dolce vita with a Broad Suite of Software-defined Services at the Compute Edge, Plus:

Integrated security, networking, observability, and storage services in a single device
Incorporates data plane and control plane, eliminating host agents
Simplified configuration and management for large-scale deployments
Scale: 100K+ flows and >1M routes
Improved security posture through distributed network protection and east-west security


Pensando DSC-25 Distributed Services Card Product Brief
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Pensando DSC-100 Distributed Services Card Product Brief
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Distributed Services for Cloud Providers Solution Brief
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The Pensando Platform

The heart of the Pensando platform is our proprietary, programmable P4 processor. Optimized to execute a software stack delivering cloud, compute, network, storage, and security services.

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See for yourself how the Pensando platform can revolutionize your operations with lower TCO and a no-turning-back level of performance that will catapult your organization to the next level.


The Pensando Distributed Services Platform integrates with Splunk environments to assist Network and Security Operations in one of their most fundamental tasks: identifying issues as early as possible before they grow into major problems. Operations can immediately uncover issues and begin remediation in real-time via access to data in the Splunk environment.

The Pensando/Splunk integration gives administrators the ability to use the Splunk platform to manage and monitor itself, using the network telemetry data generated by Pensando Distributed Services Cards (DSCs), regardless of whether Splunk is deployed on bare metal, virtual or containerized platforms. Pensando provides views to support the NOC team as well as the SOC team allowing them to view contextual information from the platform’s integrated firewall and IPFIX/NetFlow services.

The Pensando platform has multiple different use cases including application performance optimization, network design and management, security threat management, and identification of unmanaged/underutilized resources.

More Details

Company Summary:

Splunk Inc. was incorporated in 2003 and is headquartered in San Francisco CA. Splunk focuses on the development and marketing of software solutions. The product offers users to collect, index, search, explore, monitor, and analyze data. This is all done on the Splunk Platform, which is a real-time data platform created by the company. It also provides Splunk Solutions which includes Splunk Security, Splunk IT Solutions, and Splunk Observability Solutions.

Victor Odisho HTML tutorial

Vice President of Hardware Engineering

Previously at Cisco for +10 years, Victor has a proven track record of bringing innovative systems to market with technical management and design experience in all stages of development from conception to production Most recently served as VP of UCS Engineering at Cisco

  • Lead all platform engineering activities in the Compute Systems Product Group, including all Cisco UCS-B, infrastructure, and UCS-C servers: Hardware, low level platform software, and Firmware
  • Lead HW engineering activities in Cisco’s Switching, Server Access and Virtualization Product Group including Cisco’s blade servers (UCS-B series), Nexus 2K-5K Access Switches and UCS-B Adapter products

Prior to joining Cisco, Victor held senior roles at Sun Microsystems and Nexi Systems Holds 7 patents BS in Electrical Engineering from California State University Fresno

Soni Jiandani HTML tutorial

Co-founder & Chief Business Officer

Previously was at Cisco for +20 years, Soni has extensive experience in marketing and driving industry transformation through disruption and commercializing innovative technologies

Held numerous positions including SVP/GM, most recently serving as Cisco’s SVP of Marketing

  • Over the last decade she has been involved with start up ventures as part of the MPLS team
  • Co-founder and part of the spin-in teams for Nuova Systems and Insieme Networks at Cisco where she focused on all aspects of the business related to bringing the product to market with customers and partners, including market validation, product development, competitive analysis, etc.

Prior to joining Cisco, Soni held marketing executive positions at UB Networks and Excelan Independent Non-Executive Director of The Sage Group plc B.S. in Computer Science from University of London

Randy Pond HTML tutorial


Previously at Cisco for +20 years, Randy’s key accomplishments include the establishment of consistent processes and operational metrics, double-digit productivity growth and augmenting the manufacturing model

Most recently served as Cisco’s EVP of Operations

Board member and secretary for the Cisco Foundation

Serves on the Board for Miller College of Business and MetricStream and as Trustee of the Ball State

University Foundation

B.S. in Accounting and Economics from Ball State University

Vipin Jain HTML tutorial

Founder and CTO

Previously at Cisco for +15 years, Vipin has built products in multiple areas including Switching, Routing, Network Protocols, Embedded Systems, Distributed Systems, Software-defined Networking, Containers, Orchestration, Security, Cloud Infrastructure, and DevOps

Most recently served as a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems

  • He joined Cisco via acquisition of Nuova Systems
  • During his tenure at Cisco he worked on ASIC definition for Nexus and ACI products. He also worked on the software architecture for Unified Computing System (UCS) and three generations of very successful Nexus 2k and Nexus 5k data center product line.
  • Built Cisco’s open source container networking software, evangelized as Contiv in the community, that provides networking in Docker and Kubenetes

Prior to joining Cisco, Vipin held positions at Lucent, Riverstone Networks, Nortel Networks and Cabletron Systems

Has authored 15 patents

B Tech degree with Honors in Computer Science from NIT Warangal, India

Frank Palumbo HTML tutorial

Chief Revenue Officer

Frank brings over 28 years of industry experience to Pensando. Prior to joining the company, he was Senior Vice President of Global Data Center Sales at Cisco. While there, he drove the success of Cisco in the data center from annual revenues of $3 billion to over $11 billion today. Frank helped pioneer and expand Cisco’s presence in the data center with the introduction of multiple disruptive technologies that grew to multi $Bn/year businesses.

Francis Matus HTML tutorial

Vice President of Engineering

Previously at Cisco for +15 years, Francis is part of the Pensando founding team. He has developed over 20 production ASICs in the areas of CPU, storage, and network design and covering process technology nodes starting at .25 micron with his latest designs in 7 nanometer

Most recently served as SVP of ASIC Hardware at Cisco

Prior to joining Cisco, held senior roles at AMD, Nishan Systems, Andiamo Systems, Nuova Systems, and Insieme Systems.

Holds 17 patents in the area of microprocessors, networking switch silicon, and optics

BSEE from LSU and attended UT Austin graduate school pursuing an MSEE

Krishna Doddapaneni HTML tutorial

Vice President of Software

Previously at Cisco for +10 years, Krishna is part of the Pensando founding team. He is responsible for the development of the entire Pensando software stack

Most recently served as VP of Engineering at Cisco

  • Founding engineer at Insieme networks where he lead the team that built ACI Switching Infrastructure (Insieme was acquired by Cisco Systems in late 2014)
  • Worked at Nuova Systems (acquired by Cisco Systems in 2008) where he was responsible for the Nexus 2k/Nexus 5k/Nexus 6k product line software
  • Krishna was one of the first employees at Greenfield Networks (later acquired by Cisco)

Has numerous patents in the field of Networking

Masters in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M, College Station

Scott Stevens HTML tutorial

Field CTO & VP, Global Systems Engineering

Scott has spent the last 7 years at Palo Alto Networks leading the Global SE’s where he grew the team from 117 to 1300. This included developing processes to scale the adoption of Palo’s technology to meet customer’s business outcomes.

Previous to that, Scott spent 14 years at Juniper Networks leading various teams, and left there leading the Global SE team. He also served as a US Air Force officer, where he had extensive hands-on and leadership roles in building wide area networks.


ServiceNow Integration:

The Pensando integration app for ServiceNow has the ability to view the inventory of all PSM nodes within the Pensando Distributed Services Platform. This application provides automated inventory retrieval for all Pensando Policy and Services Manager (PSM) instances, managed Distributed Services Cards (DSCs), workloads and any other orchestrators that are being used. The Pensando CMDB Integration exposes the relationship between workloads and their DSCs, PSM, orchestrators and physical hosts. The integration app can be used to troubleshoot applications and/or network issues within or between servers.

More Details

Company Summary:

ServiceNow is a cloud computing solutions company that assists with digital workflows on a single enterprise cloud platform which they call the Now Platform. The company also provides workflow solutions and service management for customer support, security operations, human resources and other departments. ServiceNow currently hosts data centers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Mike Galles HTML tutorial

Founder, ASIC Architect & Designer

Previously at Cisco for +10 years, Mike has focused on Computer/Network Architecture and ASIC design for over 25 years

Most recently served as Distinguished Engineer at Cisco

Prior to joining Cisco, Mike held senior design roles at SGI, Growth Networks and Atheros Communications

Has 33 issued patents

BS/MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford

Silvano Gai HTML tutorial

Pensando Fellow

Previously at Cisco for +10 years, Silvano is the author of several books and technical publications on computer networking as well as multiple Internet Drafts and RFCs

Most recently served as a Cisco Fellow

  • During his time at Cisco, he was an architect of the Cisco Catalyst family of network switches, the Cisco MDS family of storage networking switches, the Nexus family of data center switches and the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)

Prior to joining Cisco, Silvano was a full professor of Computer Engineering, tenure track, at Politecnico di Torino, Italy, and a researcher at the CNR (Italian National Council for Scientific Research)

Responsible for 50 issued patents

Dell Technologies

Pensando and Dell:

Company Summary:

Created in a University of Texas dorm room, Dell Technologies was founded by Michael Dell with the goal of changing the digital landscape. Dell operates through three branches: Infrastructure Solutions Group, Client Solutions Group, and VMware. The Infrastructure Solutions Group focuses on storage solutions and hyper-scale servers. Client Solutions Group focuses on desktops, workstations, notebooks, and various tools and peripherals. The VMware branch focuses on customers IT priorities, modernizing their applications, and aiding in their digital workplace.

Hewlett Packard

Pensando and Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Currently, Pensando Distributed Services Cards are available as factory-ordered options on select HPE ProLiant, HPE Apollo, and HPE Edgeline platforms in addition to availability through HPE GreenLake, HPE’s market-leading as-a-service platform.

How Can I Order A DSP-enabled Server from HPE?

Talk to your account manager or HPE channel partner. Alternatively you can just go to the HPE Online Store.

Company Summary:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise launched in November of 2015, with the goal to assist organizations grow their companies by gaining more value from their data. It separated from Hewlett-Packard to debut as an Enterprise technology leader.


With software spanning App Modernization, Cloud, Networking & Security and Digital Workspace, VMware streamlines the journey for organizations to become digital businesses that deliver better experiences to their customers and empower employees to do their best work. Today the Pensando Distributed Services Card supports ESXi/vCenter 6.5/6.7/7.0. For the latest compatibility matrix please click here.

Project Monterey

Project Monterey

At VMworld® 2020, we announced that we are collaborating with VMware, Inc. on Project Monterey to co-develop a platform to support the shifting requirements of next-generation applications.


Project Monterey is a re-architecture of VMware Cloud Foundation to support the new, rapidly evolving requirements of next-gen applications. As application requirements for compute continue to grow, Project Monterey takes advantage of accelerators like the Pensando Distributed Services Platform, to offload the main server CPU, freeing up precious CPU cycles and bringing key services such as networking and security, closer to where applications actually run and operate on data.

This is essential to address the needs of new application types such as those found in Cloud Native, Multi-Cloud, Telco, 5G, Machine Learning, Data Centric, and Hybrid environments.

More information:
Pensando Blog Post
VMware Blog

Company Summary:

VMWare is an Information Technology company founded in 1998 by Diane Greene, Mendel Rosenblum, Scott Devine, Edward Wang and Edouard Bugnion with the goal to transform industries including banking, healthcare, and telecommunications. The company focuses on three main product categories: Software-Defined Data Center, Hybrid Cloud Computing and End-User Computing.


Elastic Integration:

Pensando ensures that any customer can easily build on the power of their existing Elastic environment by providing integrated access to data available from the Pensando Distributed Services Platform. Pensando/Elastic integration supports the ingestion of IPFIX and Syslog records gathered by the platform from every host deployed with a Pensando Distributed Services Card (DSC). New use-case-specific visualizations simplify each operations teams’ ability to leverage this information at any time.

The integration supports both Network and Security Operations to identify issues early on before they grow. The Pensando platform tracks data in every server which exposes the data between each workload of each server and even within the same server. This allows the Pensando DSC to immediately identify issues within the workloads and help find a solution in real time.

Pensando’s DSC has various different use cases. These include, Application Performance Optimization, Network Design and Management, Security Threat Management, and to Identify Unmanaged/Underutilized Resources.

More Details

Company Summary:

Elasticsearch was founded in 2000 in a London Apartment by Shay Banon. He wanted to create a search engine for his wife’s list of recipes. After a few interactions of his app, he ended up making Elasticsearch open source and waited for users to give input on his app. Through the community, Banon was joined by Steven Schuurman, Uri Boness, and Simon Willnauer.

In 2015, during Elastic{ON} the company was officially rebranded to Elastic and teamed up with Found, who helped manage Elastic on Amazon Web Services. On October 5th, 2018 Elastic was officially part of the New York Stock Exchange.


Guardicore Integration:

The collaboration between the Pensando Distributed Services Platform (DSP) and Guardicore’s Centra Security Platform excels at addressing two problems currently affecting data centers. The first problem being the increase in security risks as companies deploy more various type of applications. The second problem is the varying amount of security rules that are needed for each application and how to tackle each unique set.

The problem with increased security risks is solved using the Pensando DSP which allows network services to offload and isolate critical functions that are currently being done by the server hardware and software. The second problem is solved via the Guardicore CSP which automates the process by automatically discover applications and flow, including process-to-process communication and creating contextual maps to help understand the activity.

The problem with security grew after the shift from North/South traffic patterns to a virtualized/distributed application environment. This forced a shift in the pattern resulting in a few challenges. These include new modifications to the networking layers, re-insertion of security, increased latency, and firewall “hotspots”. The Pensando platform solves these problems by separating security functions from the x86 environment, operating system, or hypervisor, and utilizing the advantages of a dedicated security appliance at the server edge, for optimal scale and efficiency.

More Details

Company Summary:

Guardicore is a segmentation company with the main goal of disrupting the legacy firewall market. They follow a software only approach which is separate from the physical network resulting in a faster alternative to firewalls. Their service offers greater security and visibility in the cloud, data-center and endpoint.

Prem Jain HTML tutorial

Co-founder & CEO

Previously at Cisco for +20 years, Prem developed and honed many key innovations that helped the company evolve, including Routing & Switching capabilities and Software Defined Networks

Most recently served as SVP / General Manager of Cisco INSBU

Co-founder and part of the unprecedented spin-in team for Andiamo Systems, Nuova Systems (CFO) and Insieme Networks (CEO), which were acquired for an aggregate amount >$2bn

Prior to Cisco, worked at Crescendo Systems (acquired by Cisco) and David Systems

B.E. in EE from Birla Institute of Technology and Science; M.S. in EECS from UC Davis