Distributed Services Card

Deploying services at the server edge provides a clean separation between compute instances and cloud infrastructure functions. The Pensando DSC-25 and DSC-100 Distributed Services Cards enable you to manage infrastructure functions efficiently, and provide a cost-effective way to save more compute resources for revenue-generation.

A Broad Suite of Software-defined Services at the Compute Edge, Plus:

Integrated security, networking, observability, and storage services in a single device

Incorporates data plane and control plane, eliminating host agents

Simplified configuration and management for large-scale deployments

Scale: 100K+ flows and >1M routes

Improved security posture through distributed network protection and east-west security



The Pensando Platform

The heart of the Pensando platform is our proprietary, programmable P4 processor. Optimized to execute a software stack delivering cloud, compute, network, storage, and security services.

  • At cloud scale
  • Minimal latency (Ferrari-fast)
  • Minimal jitter
  • Very low power requirements

Take a Test Drive—

See for yourself how the Pensando platform can revolutionize your operations with lower TCO and a no-turning-back level of performance that will catapult your organization to the next level.