Distributed Services Switch

Pensando’s Distributed Services Switch (DSS) is designed to simplify network architectures by replacing costly appliances that create traffic bottlenecks with a high-performance, scalable switching platform.

Introducing the Pensando Distributed Services Switch

Two years ago, Pensando Systems emerged from stealth with the declared mission of Democratizing the Cloud.
In this video Soni Jiandani discusses the thinking behind Pensando’s latest data center innovation – the Distributed Services Switch, as well as covering some key use cases and planned future enhancements.

Get Hands-on With Aruba CX 10000 with Pensando

Join Pensando Principal Systems Engineer Jason Gmitter as he takes a hands-on tour of the Aruba CX 10000 with Pensando.

Industry-leading switching with a Firewall on Every Port and Centralized Management Built In, Plus:

Services in-line at leaf

Simplified network

No service stitching

Centralized policy management

Scale to millions of policies, flows, connections



The Pensando Platform

The heart of the Pensando platform is our proprietary, programmable P4 processor. Optimized to execute a software stack delivering cloud, compute, network, storage, and security services.

  • At cloud scale
  • Minimal latency (Ferrari-fast)
  • Minimal jitter
  • Very low power requirements

Take a Test Drive—

See for yourself how the Pensando platform can revolutionize your operations with lower TCO and a no-turning-back level of performance that will catapult your organization to the next level.