Policy and Services Manager

Pensando’s Policy and Services Manager (PSM) is a distributed system that leverages an intent-based model to deliver network and security policy to Pensando Distributed Services Cards for services implementation at the edge.

Say “Grazie” thanks to Centralized Distributed Network and Policy Management, Plus:

Microservices-based, scalable distributed management controller

Visibility of network problems at the edge

Central management of network and security policy configuration

3rd-party tool integration via REST APIs

Recovery from node, process failures, and network partitions



The Pensando Platform

The heart of the Pensando platform is our proprietary, programmable P4 processor. Optimized to execute a software stack delivering cloud, compute, network, storage, and security services.

  • At cloud scale
  • Minimal latency (Ferrari-fast)
  • Minimal jitter
  • Very low power requirements

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