May 10, 2021—

Tap As A Service – Proof of Concept Video – ONUG Spring 2021

By: Christopher Ratcliffe

In today’s data center infrastructure, the lack of end-to-end observability creates serious limitations for IT when troubleshooting problems. Is the problem in the server, the network interface card (NIC), top-of-rack (ToR) switch, or something deeper in the network?

This lack of visibility often results in mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) challenges, and can be exacerbated by new data center paradigms such as the increasing deployment of zero-trust and encryption-everywhere security models in hybrid, multi-cloud, and hyper-converged environments.

In a follow-on to his previous blog Pensando Systems Engineer Toby Makepeace highlights a new approach that gives administrators and application developers the ability to quickly identify and root cause system issues across their entire infrastructure even with end-to-end encryption in place.

This content was originally presented at ONUG Spring 2021



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