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The New Edge


Driving massive
data growth

This has changed how we consume data and where we consume it.

Compute is migrating to where data is—

However, current architectures are unable to adapt.


This drives new deployment models



This has created a tectonic technology shift, breaking existing architectures and creating—
The New Edge

An entirely new architecture for clouds

Pensando directly addresses the generational shift occurring as data growth drives the cloud towards the edge.

Cloud with arrow around pointing in
Arrow pointing right
Cloud with arrows pointing out, word Hyperscalers inside
Arrow pointing right
Cloud with AWS logo inside, 45% of market share

Others couldn’t compete.
Until now.

Cloud providers can now gain a technological advantage over the current market leader, Amazon Web Services Nitro.

The Pensando platform delivers highly programmable software-defined cloud, compute, networking, storage and security services wherever data is located. Offering 5-9x improvements in productivity, performance and scale when compared to current architectures with no risk of lock-in.

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